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Revolutionising cash-flow management for SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang

Introduction is a groundbreaking product designed to transform cash flow management for educational institutions. For our esteemed client, SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang, this system aims to streamline administrative tasks, eliminate manual income management, reduce paper usage, and provide direct access to comprehensive reports. 

This case study sheds light on how successfully assisted SDIT Al Bina Pangkalpinang in achieving its goals while aligning perfectly with Nextion’s vision and mission to enhance business processes with technology.

  • Date

    17 May 2021

  • Client Name

    SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang

Client Background

SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang is a well-respected Islamic school committed to providing quality education to young minds. Despite their dedication to education, the school faced challenges in efficiently managing cash-flow and administrative tasks. To address these concerns, they sought Nextion’s expertise to implement as a solution to enhance their financial management practices.


The primary objectives of implementing at SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang were as follows:

  • Efficient Cash-flow Management: Introduce a streamlined system that automates income management, expense tracking, and overall cash flow processes, reducing the burden of manual tasks on school staff.
  • Sustainability and Paperless Approach: Encourage the school to adopt eco-friendly practices by minimising paper usage through digital record-keeping and report generation.
  • Real-time Reporting and Transparency: Provide direct access to real-time financial reports, enabling the school administration to make data-driven decisions promptly and transparently.
  • Ease of Use and Integration: Develop a user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates into the school’s existing systems, ensuring smooth adoption by staff members.

Nextion’s team worked closely with SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang to ensure a successful implementation, following these key steps:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: The Nextion team conducted a thorough analysis of the school’s cash-flow management processes, identifying pain points and specific requirements.
  • Customisation and Adaptation: was tailored to suit the school’s unique needs, incorporating features aligned with their financial management practices.
  • Training and Support: Extensive training sessions were organized to equip school staff with the necessary skills to navigate and utilise the platform effectively.
  • Seamless Integration: was seamlessly integrated into the school’s existing administrative systems, ensuring a smooth transition from manual to digital operations.

The implementation of resulted in significant improvements for SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang:

  • Streamlined Administration: Manual cash flow management tasks were dramatically reduced, allowing staff to focus more on nurturing students’ educational growth.
  • Paperless and Sustainable Practices: Adopting digital record-keeping and report generation significantly reduced paper usage, supporting the school’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Real-time Visibility: Direct access to real-time financial reports empowered the school administration with accurate data for better decision-making and increased transparency.
  • User Satisfaction: The user-friendly interface of received positive feedback from school staff, fostering ease of use and seamless integration.
Impact on Nextion's Vision

By successfully implementing at SDIT Al-Bina Pangkalpinang, Nextion demonstrated its dedication to facilitating and assisting business processes with technology, achieving effectiveness and efficiency in education. The product exemplifies Nextion’s commitment to empowering educational institutions with innovative solutions.